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Pregnancy Discrimination

Understanding California’s new reproductive loss leave

With the start of the year, California employees who suffer any kind of “reproductive loss” can take a little time off from work to grieve and process what has happened. Under the new law, employers are required to provide five days of reproductive loss leave to any...

I think my boss fired me because I’m pregnant. What should I do?

Pregnancy discrimination is an unfortunate reality that some working women face. If you suspect that you might have been terminated from your job due to pregnancy, it’s critical to familiarize yourself with your rights and take appropriate action. Pregnancy...

What does pregnancy discrimination look like in 2023?

Employers need to treat all employees fairly. This is true when deciding who to hire and it’s also true once employees are on the job. When employers mistreat applicants and workers, they often run afoul of the law. Discrimination on many grounds is illegal under...