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Your Employment Law Claim Might Be A Class Action Lawsuit

When a group of people have identical or similar injuries and/or losses caused by the same illegal conduct, the group may file a class action against the defendant. This is a common approach in certain types of employment law claims. Employees who have suffered the same type of illegal conduct by an employer, such as discrimination, harassment or minimum wage violations find that there is strength and efficiency in numbers.

At Employee Justice Legal Group PC, our team of more than a dozen skilled trial attorneys represents clients in both single-plaintiff and class action litigation. We have the personnel and resources to take on class action claims against major employers, and our reputation for obtaining high-value settlements and jury awards makes defendants think twice before taking the case to trial.

The First Step Is Obtaining Class Action Certification

In order to bring a successful class action, the class must be certified by the court. This means the court agrees the individuals have suffered the same or substantially similar injuries by the same defendant and the court grants the group the right to file a class action.

Violations of wage and hour laws is just one example of a claim that often qualifies for class action status. Employers who cheat their workers out of earned wages typically repeat this behavior with most or all employees.

How Does A Class Action Lawsuit Work?

These types of lawsuits can be more effective in getting justice. A class action lawsuit brings together multiple plaintiffs against a defendant. This way, all plaintiffs can pool evidence and resources in order to create a stronger, more convincing case.

When successful, the attorney for the class action will negotiate a large payout that is then split between all plaintiffs. In these cases, all plaintiffs receive some compensation.

A class action lawsuit can be more persuasive and powerful when there are multiple victims sharing the same experience with a defendant. There is power in numbers, especially when going up against large corporations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Class Action Lawsuits

Thinking about a class action can be overwhelming and slightly confusing. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about these kinds of cases:

Who files for a class action lawsuit?

In these cases, there can be numerous plaintiffs. Before filing, it’s typical to identify one or a few main plaintiffs who will act as representatives of the overall class and be the main pursuant of litigation.

All types of employees can and have filed class action lawsuits. A few typical examples can include a group of nurses who work for the same hospital who have all been denied overtime pay, or the servers at a restaurant that takes the server’s wages.

Class action lawsuits can be filed for any number of employee grievances from discrimination cases to issues with salary, overtime or other wage and hour violations.

How many people need to file for a class action lawsuit?

In California, there is no minimum number of people required to file a class action lawsuit. But in most cases, the more people who can join the lawsuit, the better. More people can create a more compelling argument. Our firm can represent all number of people in these situations, from just two plaintiffs, to dozens or more.

Will I get less money in a class action lawsuit?

Some might think that a larger number of plaintiffs in a class action will decrease the amount of compensation they’ll get. However, this is not usually true. In a class action lawsuit, the negotiated settlement is usually divided based on harm caused, not equally among all plaintiffs.

An attorney from our firm can give you a better idea of what to expect. We can also advise you if your claim is better suited to an individual lawsuit, or a class action.

We Are Ready For Whatever Direction The Case Takes

Our attorneys are well-versed and equipped to handle all aspects of filing and litigating a class action lawsuit. We build the case from the ground up, ensuring that participating plaintiffs meet the criteria for a class action claim.

In the rare event that we are unable to gain certification, our work and preparation will not go to waste. We can still pursue individual claims against the defendant, utilizing the meticulous research and evidence we have gathered throughout the process.

Whether our attorneys represent you as a sole plaintiff or as part of a class, you can be sure that they will work tirelessly to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

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