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Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Discrimination In California

We, at Employee Justice Legal Group PC, have compiled detailed answers to address some of the most common concerns related to employee discrimination in Los Angeles, California.

Can you get paid while your discrimination case is pending?

The reality is that employment discrimination cases can take a considerable duration to resolve due to their complexity. It is illegal for a company to fire an employee for making a complaint, participating in an investigation against the company or filing a lawsuit over the discrimination.

That being said, many people do not remain with the employer who discriminated against them while a claim is pending. In many cases, discrimination claims will ask for lost wages.

What do you need to file for an employment issue?

First, you’ll need a compilation of evidence of discrimination, such as emails, performance reviews or witness statements. This documentation strengthens your case when presented to relevant authorities.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) handles employment discrimination claims. Filing a complaint with them initiates an investigation into the alleged discrimination.

Engaging an employment attorney is advisable. They can provide legal guidance, ensuring your case is robust and well-presented. Attorneys can also represent you during DFEH investigations and any subsequent legal proceedings.

How can you know your rights are being violated?

Identifying when your employment rights are violated is crucial for taking appropriate action. Some instances include:

  • Unlawful termination: If you are terminated based on protected characteristics, it constitutes unlawful termination.
  • Harassment and hostile work environment: Experiencing harassment or a hostile work environment due to your protected characteristics is another violation of your rights.
  • Unequal pay or benefits: Discrimination can manifest in unequal pay or benefits. Be vigilant about your compensation compared to colleagues with similar qualifications and responsibilities.

Ultimately, discussing your experiences with an attorney is the best way to determine if you have a claim.

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