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Count On Skillful Representation From Our Trusted Employment Law Advocates

At Employee Justice Legal Group PC, we are committed to protecting the rights and serving the legal needs of workers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas of Southern California. We offer comprehensive representation in all manner of employment law disputes, and we also help injured workers seek workers’ compensation benefits or take other legal action after a workplace injury.

Our allegiance is clear from the name of our firm. We only represent employees, so you never need to worry about a conflict of interest from any of our skilled attorneys. Since 2015, they have recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of hundreds of clients who have been wronged by their employers or injured. They will work just as hard for you.

Helping You Prove That Your Employer Engaged In Illegal Discrimination

Numerous federal and state laws protect workers against discrimination in hiring, firing, promotion and other aspects of employment. If you faced discrimination based on one or more protected characteristics like race, gender or age, our attorneys can help you bring a claim against your current or former employer. We can also investigate whether your failure to get hired by a potential employer was due to illegal discrimination.

There Can Be No Tolerance For Harassment In The Workplace

Each of us deserves a safe and supportive work environment. Unfortunately, too many employers engage in, condone or fail to address sexual harassment and harassment based on other characteristics like sexual orientation, age or gender identity.

The lawyers at our firm can explain your rights and help you gather the evidence needed to bring a compelling claim of workplace harassment.

Were You Punished For Speaking Up Or Engaging In Legally Protected Activity?

Your employer should never punish you for reporting harassment, refusing to participate in illegal activity, taking job-protected leave or blowing the whistle on illegal business practices. Yet wrongful termination and other forms of retaliation are all too common. Don’t just accept your fate. Instead, speak to an attorney about how you can fight back.

Lawyers Protecting Worker Wages And Legally Mandated Work Breaks

You might be losing out on wages that you have earned and are legally entitled to. When employers choose to pay less than minimum wage or fail to provide overtime wages to nonexempt employees, it is considered illegal wage theft. They may also be cheating their workers by forcing them to work through legally mandated meal and rest breaks.

If any of the above has happened to you, you likely have an actionable wage-and-hour claim to bring against your employer. And if the business or organization is stealing from other employees as well (which is often the case), we may be able to help you pursue a class-action lawsuit.

Seeking Legal Help Is Both Easy And Affordable At Our Firm

Employee Justice Legal Group PC takes all employment law cases on a contingency fee basis. You pay no legal fees if we don’t help you recover compensation. Plus, we offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients. To schedule yours, call our Los Angeles Office at 213-669-4771 or reach out online.