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Discrimination Should Never Be Tolerated In The Workplace

Employment can be hard to find even when the playing field is level. But when employers engage in illegal discrimination, it can be nearly impossible for certain workers to obtain what we all want and deserve: A good job that pays fairly and treats employees with respect.

If you’ve been the victim of employment discrimination, our attorneys at Employee Justice Legal Group PC are ready to help you exercise your rights and hold that business or organization legally accountable. With over a dozen highly experienced lawyers on staff, our firm has earned a reputation for a willingness to take on large corporations and our success rate on behalf of clients. Whether your case is resolved through a settlement or a jury trial, we won’t rest until we help you find justice.

Defining Illegal Discrimination In Employment

Discrimination is illegal if it is based on a “protected class,” sometimes called a protected characteristic. A protected class is a group of individuals who share a characteristic which under law is guarded from discrimination. Here are some examples of classes/characteristics that are protected under federal law, California law or both:

Local laws may create additional protected classes Our attorneys at Employee Justice Legal Group PC are well versed in anti-discrimination laws and are here to help you if you have or suspect you have experienced illegal discrimination.

Where Discrimination Occurs And How It Can Manifest

According to the Civil Rights Department of the State of California, employment discrimination can occur in nearly every aspect of the applicant or employee experience, including:

  • Using discriminatory language in job advertisements
  • During the screening, application and job interview processes
  • Decisions related to hiring, firing, promotion or demotion
  • Employee compensation and working conditions
  • Opportunities for advancement and growth, such as additional training or apprenticeships

If you work for an employer with at least five employees, your workplace is governed by California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). That means you are protected against discrimination based on any of the classes above in any of the situations above. You are also protected when trying to blow the whistle on illegal discrimination practices.

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