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Attorneys Combatting Racial Discrimination In The Workplace And Beyond

While much progress has been made, racism continues to impact the lives and violate the rights of millions of Americans and immigrants to America. It permeates every aspect of American life, including employment practices and workplace cultures.

If you’ve faced racial discrimination or harassment, you don’t have to suffer in silence or fight your battles alone. Instead, contact Employee Justice Legal Group PC. With more than a dozen experienced employment law attorneys on staff, our firm has the collective knowledge, experience and legal skills to take on any business or organization that has exhibited or tolerated racist acts, behaviors and policies. We have helped countless others, and we can help you, too.

Recognizing And Responding To Racial Discrimination In Employment

Race discrimination is the unfavorable treatment of an applicant or employee because they are of a certain race or because of personal characteristics associated with race (such as hair texture, skin color, or certain facial features). It often goes hand in hand with harassment based on race.

You likely suffered race discrimination if:

  • You did not get hired for a job or were fired because of your race
  • You felt forced to leave based on coworkers harassing you
  • You were overlooked on a promotion because of your race
  • You were not given the same benefits as another employer with the same responsibilities and experience, and the only difference was they were a different race than you
  • You received lower pay than others who have the same qualifications and experience as you, and the only difference is your race
  • There is discrimination in the workplace on the basis of physical characteristics associated with a particular race

An employer can also be guilty of racial discrimination when it adopts policies which seem neutral but end up disproportionately affecting members of a specific race.

Documenting Evidence And Building A Case

Racial discrimination is prohibited under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) as well as Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act. The FEHA applies in workplaces with just five employees or more, so the majority of California employers are bound by its provisions.

In most cases, employers make efforts to hide racial discrimination or cite other seemingly valid justifications for their discriminatory actions. Therefore, gathering evidence and building a case can be complex. Going directly to human resources sometimes results in retaliatory action, including wrongful termination.

If you are worried about this outcome, we urge you to contact us for advice and guidance even while continuing to work for the same employer. We can help you determine what to look for and how to document evidence most effectively. We will also help protect you rights if you know about widespread discriminatory practices and want to act as a whistleblower.

We Can Guide You Through The Administrative Process

All racial discrimination complaints need to first be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which decides whether they will investigate your case or give you a “right-to-sue” which allows you to bring an independent claim in court.

These requirements can seem laborious and the process can feel slow, but the right attorney can provide much-needed support and guidance. The lawyers on our team are well versed in handling all filings with the EEOC and are equipped to handle all independent lawsuits filed in court.

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