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Get Fierce Representation For Workers’ Compensation Benefits Denials

If you have been hurt on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to cover your medical bills and provide some financial support until you can return to work – but claims are wrongfully denied all the time.

When you work with one of our attorneys at Employee Justice Legal Group PC, you will receive consistent, dedicated support for your workers’ compensation claim. When you are our client, our workers’ comp lawyers do not just fight for you – they aim to win. Their track record of success puts employers and their insurers on notice because they do not back down.

Why Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claims Wrongfully Denied?

While the circumstances may vary, the reasons for wrongfully denied workers’ comp claims tend to be similar. They include the following situations:

  • You are accused of failing to provide your employer written notice within 30 days.
  • Your employer alleges that you were not injured at all and are malingering.
  • Your employer alleges that you were not injured at work.
  • Your employer alleges that either your injury is not work related or your actions were in violation of company policies.
  • The insurer says that your injury is a preexisting condition.
  • The insurer says that your medical documentation is inadequate or inaccurate.

In California, if your workers’ compensation claim is denied, then you have the right to appeal the decision – but it’s essential to be aware of your rights and the timeline for filing appeals. It’s also essential to have a determined lawyer on your side.

When You Have Been Hurt At Work, Our Team Can Help

Workers’ compensation is not the easy system that many people would have you believe is there to support you after a workplace injury. Unfair denials are very common. At Employee Justice Legal Group PC, our attorneys want to hear your story – and they want to help.

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